Corresponding still from Moles (1997)

The moles in my family go back generations
And on top of that growing up we spent all of our holiday’s at the beach
Back then we didn’t see a connection between moles, skin cancer, and the sun.
Now it’s practically all we think about.

My dad, has had melanoma and has had cancerous skin removed from the top of his head, his shoulder, his forearm, his back and even his eyelid.

The new norm – going to the dermatologist every few months.

The last time my dad went to the skin doctor I asked my mom if she could take some photos – since I couldn’t be there.

So they go to the appointment and I am in the middle of a food conference when
a live feed from the doctors office starts rolling in.
I asked her for some basic cutaways, shots of the waiting room, maybe some of the doctor’s instruments. So, I am not totally prepared for these intimate close ups of my dad’s body.

When my dad recounts his visits to the doctor he is very matter of fact. He is a lawyer, so he’s detailed, pragmatic, rationale and honestly he ends up making me feel better. (SHOULD THIS GO FURTHER UP – then go to the last one… a little bit more of it’s impact on me..)

Its one thing to hear about a trip to the doctors office, its another to get a flood of graphic shots of my dad having a piece of his flesh removed.