Moles is a series of five short vignettes about the moles that have marked me. Each photograph links to a short video about memories, moles, and melanoma. Moles are beauty marks, warning signs and for some cultures, they are even predictors of fate and fortune. Both of my parents are dealing with skin cancer and so moles has also become a meditation on mortality. Moles are the coordinates that map my past, present and future.  Elizabeth Miller


Produced and Directed by Elizabeth Miller
Written by Elizabeth Miller with Savannah Geary 
Mole Photograph by Grant Bemis, inspired by Wendy Vissar
Creative technologist and Design by Professor Kim Grinfeder
Art Direction and Animation by Alison Naturale
Web Design by Alison Naturale
Sound Recording and Mix by Zaccary Dyck
App Development by Monouj Kumar Govindaraju
Special thanks to Deb Vanslet and Michele Luchs